Baby Persian Cucumbers

I am growing two types of smaller baby cucumbers this year.  The new variety that I am growing is called Baby Persian Cucumbers which I purchased from Botanical Interests.  While I still like Homemade Pickles Cucumbers, the Baby Persian variety is really productive and tasty.

I planted four plants of the Baby Persian plants and I was able to harvest one or two cukes a day.  This plant will vine over 4 feet long.   While it is suggested that this cucumber is harvested at 4 inches long, they grow fast.  While you will get more if you harvest them at the suggested size, they still taste great even when they are longer than 4 inches.  This variety is more cool and hot tolerant and disease resistant.

Another bonus with Persian cucumbers is that they reduce burping with some folks and the seeds are smaller and softer.  While the bees in my yard still enjoy the flowers on this plant, it doesn’t need pollination to bear the fruit.  So this is one cuke that you could try growing under cover to keep any bad bugs away.

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