Types of Onions


Since there are three types of onions, you need to understand them and consider where you live.   While it is best to plant onion seeds in the Spring, the different types of onions like a certain amount of daylight & darkness to form a bulb.

  1. Long Day Onions enjoy about 14 hours of daylight and 10 hours of darkness which is zone 6 or colder.  This type is great for the north.
  2. Intermediate or Day Neutral Onions enjoy about 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.  This type is great for all regions.
  3. Short Day Onions enjoy about 10 hours of daylight and 14 hours of darkness which would be zone 7 or warmer.  This type is great for the south.

As for Long Day Onions, I am growing Walla Walla, Sweet White Spanish and Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah.

Out of the Intermediate Day choices, I am growing Flat of Italy.

Don’t forget that there are three types of strawberries too.