Seed Ideas for Tarragon

Russian Tarragon
Russian Tarragon

There are three types of tarragon.  While all three types of tarragon have an anise type of flavor,  French tarragon has the strongest flavor.  I’ve been growing Russian tarragon since 2014 which has a mild flavor.  Russian and Mexican tarragon can be grown easily from seed.  It is recommended that you purchase a French tarragon plant or get a cutting / division of the plant from friend.  Mexican tarragon tolerates the summer heat the best and gets a yellow flower.

While I found Russian tarragon seeds from Burpee at a local store, Burpee does not carry them online.  Botanical Interest and Burpee sell Mexican tarragon seeds.  Now if you want French Tarragon, you can try to propagate it or buy small plants from Johnny’s Selected Seeds or Burpee.

Keep in mind that tarragon is a perennial and can get up to 4 feet tall.

I took the above picture on May 11th.  It already reached about 3 feet in mid spring in  Pittsburgh, PA.



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