Kohlrabi Seedlings

Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Seedling

In February, I started growing kohlrabi under my new T5 grow lights.

I am growing three types:  Purple Vienna and White Vienna from a blended seed packet from Botanical Interests.  Also, I am growing Superschmelz from Territorial Seed.   If you need some other kohlrabi seed ideas, just click on this link.

Since kohlrabi can tolerate cold weather down to 40°F, you can get an early start with transplanting.  While I really don’t enjoy being out in the really cold weather, I typically wait until the first day of spring (March 20) to start transplanting the cool season vegetables.

White Vienna Kohlrabi Seedling

Here are some options to try:  Up to two months before the last spring frost, start your seedlings indoors and transplant when the temperature is consistently above 40°F.  The following is what I would consider doing if I was direct sowing kohlrabi and other cool season vegetable seeds outdoors (but I’m not!):  Direct sow under double cover about 2 months before, under single cover about 1 month before and without any cover about 2 weeks before the last spring frost date.  Keep in mind you might have to play around with the dates a bit!

The covers help to raise the temperature and protect the seeds from frost.  According to the Territorial Seed Catalog, the best temperature for seed germination is 55 to 75°F.