Bok Choy Seedlings

Violetta Bok Choy

Right after New Years, I started growing bok choy and other greens indoors under my new T5 lights.  Take a look at the pictures of my bok choy seedlings.  I have to admit they are looking great!


Asian Pak Choi

I am growing three types:  Violetta from Territorial Seed Company, Asian Pak Choi from Burpee’s International Collection and White Stem from Botanical Interests.  If you need some other bok choy seed ideas, just click on this link.


White Stem Bok Choy

I doubt I will transplant this batch because bok choy is sensitive to temperatures below 55°F and above 70°F and is sensitive to transplanting. If the conditions are not just right, bok choy will bolt and go to seed!  You don’t want this to happen because it will ruin the flavor.  I will continue growing this batch indoors.

Here are some options to try:  Up to two months before the last spring frost, start your seedlings indoors and transplant when the temperature is consistently above 55°F .  Direct sow under double cover about 2 months before, under single cover about 1 month before and without any cover about 2 weeks before the last spring frost date.  If your spring is like Pittsburgh’s spring, it is totally  unpredictable so you might have to play around with the dates a bit!

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