Types of Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage  plant that is still growing. 

Don’t forget there are different types of cabbage with different tastes and different looks!  It is always a good thing to have options. . .

Smooth or Round Head Cabbage:  This is the traditional type of cabbage that you will typically see at the grocery store.  This type has a tight, smooth round head with green or red leaves.  I think this type has the strongest flavor.

Savoy Cabbage:  While the leaves for this type are curly, it still grows in a round head.  The leaves can be green or red.  The savoy cabbage are more tender than the smooth head cabbage.

Chinese Cabbage or Napa Cabbage: This type grow more upright like Romaine lettuce, it has green leaves and white stems and veins, and the taste is very mild.  If you don’t like the taste of the other two cabbages, you have to try this type!  This is the only type that I grow!

Another reason that I like the Chinese  cabbage is that it takes less space in the garden.  I find that if you plant them closer together you can harvest tender baby leaves too.

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