Sow and Grow Onion Sets


Onion Sets
Onion Sets

While I have had mixed success with growing onion sets in the fall, they are a great option in the spring.

Here are my key planting

1) Keep your onion sets in a cool spot until you are ready to plant.

2) Loosen the soil – I use my Cobra Head garden tool.

3)  Plant the roots down and the pointy end up, the top of the onion set should be just below or 1″ below  the surface. I plant them 3 to 4″ apart.

Onion Set
Onion Se

4) Cover the top of each set with soil.

Onions in the Spring
Onions in the Spring





5) I will provide some balanced organic plant food if needed.  To be honest, I don’t typically have much trouble with onions.


6) I will top it off with some straw or leaves to keep the ground moist.

7)  Don’t forget to label your rows.

Be patient until the green stems appear.


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