Sow and Grow Onions from Seeds

Onion Bulbing

While I will start some onions from seed in the spring, I also like to start some in late summer and overwinter them.

Here are my growing tips for onion seeds:

  1. 1. You can plant the seeds outdoors but keep in mind that onions prefer temperatures between 50 and 75 °F to germinate.  I typically start the seeds indoors under my T5 grow lights.  When they are about 3 inches tall, they are ready to be transplanted
Onion Seedlings Under Cover

2. I will transplant onion seedlings in mid spring (or up to 5 weeks before the last spring frost) under cover or late summer/early fall.  When I overwinter them, I put some leaves around the seedlings to give some insulation  and cover my pvc hoops with fabric and plastic once we are expecting frost.  I vent the covers once the temperature gets around 50°F.

3. While I find onions grown from seed to be hardy, you can always add a balance plant food if you need.

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