Sow and Grow Leeks

Leeks. . .

I was quite successful in growing leeks this year.  At our local grocery stores, leeks are expensive so I typically do not buy them.  If you have limited space in your garden or if you just love leeks, then I would suggest growing them because they are cheap to grow and are low maintenance.

This is a vegetable that you can succession plant by growing different varieties as the maturity dates can vary between 80 and 135 days.

You can start them indoors under grow lights or outdoors.  According to the Territorial Seed Catalog, the best soil temperature for germination is between 50 and 85 °F.   Also, you can transplant the seedlings when the temperature is at 45 °F.   If the seedlings get too tall before you transplant them, then give them a trim so that they are 3 inches tall.

Late last summer, I planted some leek seedlings that did not mature before winter set in.  Since I covered them in a hoop tunnel with plastic, they did really well.  I was able to start harvesting them in late Spring.

Did you know that baby leeks are quite the gourmet item?  This means that you should sow them closer together than what the seed packet indicates or about a 1/2 inch apart.

Some growing tips include applying a balanced organic plant food and plucking any weeds that you see!

Another low maintenance vegetable is a radish.  If you want to see how to sow and grow radishes, just click on the link.




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