Sow and Grow Cucumbers

Cucumber growing vertically

Cucumbers love warm weather and grow well vertically.

Here are my helpful tips for cucumbers:  1) Sow cucumber seeds indoors under grow lights about one month before the last frost in the spring and transplant in late spring or early summer when the evenings are warm.-or- Sow the seeds directly outside when the evening temperature exceeds 65 degrees Fahrenheit for the best germination.  2)  Space the plants about 6 to 8 inches apart. 3) Mound up the dirt for the seedlings or the seeds.  4) Use a trellis to keep the vines and the cukes off the ground.  5) Keep the cucumber seedlings under cover until the vines start flowering.  This helps to keep away the bad bugs until the plants are stronger.  6) Use soaker hoses to provide enough moisture. 7)  Don’t forget to use compost when planting and/or plant food.  I used coffee grounds every few weeks this year and they loved it.

My trellis is 4 feet tall and wide.  I combined two trellises into a A-frame which fits perfectly under my PVC hoops. To keep the trellis secure, I use tie wraps to connect the trellis to poles, put the poles 6 to 12 inches in


the ground  and use landscaping pins to make sure it stays put.

Don’t forget to harden off the plants by taking them outside for a few hours each day for about a week. They like to get acclimated to weather.  If you use a cover, you can shorten the hardening off period by a few days because the lightweight cover will protect the seedlings from the sun.

In the event that any cucumbers are growing against the soil, you should put something underneath the cucumber.  I use leftover coco fiber from my planter boxes.  You could also use mulch, landscaping fabric, a small piece of wood, etc.  If the cucumber touches the soil, it will probably rot.

Bee pollinating the flowers.

Cucumber plants have male and female flowers so bees help with the pollination.  The male flowers grow close to the stem.  The female flowers are on a longer stem that looks like a mini cucumber.  Once the bee pollinates the female flower, the mini cucumber will grow as shown in the picture to the left.

Cucmbers are great for succession planting.

Healthy soil also helps plants from the bad pests such as the striped or spotted yellow cucumber beetles.  If you see one, don’t just stand there – catch it, kill it and dispose of it!

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