Seed Ideas for Celery

Celery Stalks

While celery is not an expensive vegetable to purchase, it tastes better and lasts longer when it is home grown.  This is my opinion!   We don’t eat a lot of celery but I like to grow between two and four plants.  The cool thing with growing celery at home is that you don’t have to harvest the whole plant.  You can just cut a few of the outer stalks as needed.

Here are some celery seed ideas:

  • Some celery varieties take a while to mature.  Tall Utah Celery which I have grown in the past takes between 100 and 120 days to mature.  The stalks can grow up to 12 inches tall.  It has a mild flavor.  No blanching is needed. I purchased these seeds from Botanical Interests. Also Territorial Seed Company sells this variety.
  • If you want an earlier maturing variety, the earliest that I saw was 80 days.  Check out Tango Celery from Johnny Selected Seeds and Merengo Celery from High Mowing Organic Seeds.
  • Another option is color.  Celery does not have to be just green.  Check out Chinese Pink Celery, Chinese White Celery and Giant Red Celery Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.
  • If height is important and you want to maximize your vertical gardening, then check out Calypso Celery and Merengo Celery from High Mowing.  This variety grows up to 28 inches tall and is less stringy.

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