How to Grow Sweet Potato Slips

Sweet Potato growing roots

Sweet potatoes are started from slips not seeds.  Sometimes it is difficult to find sweet potato slips or plants at our local stores and nurseries.

I am debating about growing my own slips again because I had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes this year.  The last time that I grew sweet potato slips, I started the process in March.   I am not sure my sweet potatoes will last until March.  They are too yummy!

Here comes the slip. . .

Here’s how to do it. . .First, clean  and cut an organic sweet potato in half.  Put the cut side of the sweet potato in water and suspend it with toothpicks.  The roots will start to grow under water.

Be patient and you will see the slips start to grow above the water.   Once the slips are a few inches, you have to gently twist them off and root them in water.  See the pictures below.  Once the weather cooperates, you can plant them outside.  Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes need to be planted in warm weather.

This slip is ready to be twisted off the sweet potato!
Rooting the sweet potato slip








While growing your own sweet potato slips takes a while, it is a cheaper  option than buying the slips online!

If you are interested in making your own grow bags for sweet potatoes or regular potatoes, then check out the link.

My next post will be about growing sweet potatoes. . .so worth the wait!


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