Dirani Summer Squash

Dirani Summer Squash

Another summer squash that I am growing this year is called Dirani.  It has pale green skin with white freckles and creamy flesh.

Dirani grows in a compact bush format and will reach 36 inches wide.  It is best to pick the squash when it is about 7 inches long.   It matures in about 50 days.


The Pale Zucchini


If you missed my prior squash post, check out the darker green zucchini  called Black Beauty that I am growing.  Dirani and  Black Beauty are similar in that they have thin and tender skin.  There is a big difference between them since Dirani is a hybrid and Black Beauty is an heirloom. Since Dirani is a hybrid, you can’t save the seed for next year.   Bummer!

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