Companions – Cabbage and Root Families

Cabbage and Root Families Growing Side by Side

I like to adjust my raised bed plans when I get a stellar idea.   Since I like to keep my plants from the cabbage family away from the destructive cabbage moth, I definitely put them under a lightweight cover over my pvc hoops.  The combination of plants or companions that I am using are: 1) brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco, 2) garlic, onion or leeks and 3) parsnip and rutabaga.

Here is my thought process.  .  . I have 4 rows of dripline irrigation on each of my raised beds which breaks the bed down into 5 planting rows.  1) Down the middle, I am going to plant brussels sprouts.  This year I am waiting a bit to plant the brussels sprouts because I want them to mature in the fall.  On either side of the middle row, I planted broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco.   I planted these three types of plants already because I am trying to grow another round in late summer.    2)  I planted garlic cloves last fall along the drip lines. 3) I already sowed rutabaga and parsnip seeds along the outer edge.

Overall, I am trying to minimize how many times I open the cover to avoid a cabbage moth attack!  Since the garlic harvests around the same time in July and the rutabaga and parsnips take so long to mature (over 90 days), I think they will make good companions for this raised bed.  .

I previously shared another combo idea for the cabbage and celery families.

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