Types of Strawberries



Since there are three main types of strawberries, you need to understand their differences so you can choose the perfect strawberry for you!


  1.  June Bearers – This type produces strawberries in a concentrated time period from late Spring to early Summer which is the month of June.  This type likes to spread out and produce lots of runners the first year.   Another feature is that it produces more strawberries the second year.
  2. Ever Bearers – This type produces strawberries periodically over the summer.  While this type will send out runners, you want to keep them under control the first year because this strawberry type likes to produce more fruit the first year.
  3. Day Neutral – In cold climates, this type bears strawberries from early summer until the first frost.  This type has very few runners.

I purchased bare roots of the following from Peaceful Valley Farm:  1) Allstar Strawberries are June Bearers that are large and sweet tasting.  Also, they are resistant to soil fungi -bonus!  They are preferred for fresh eating, freezing, or canning.   2)  Eversweet Strawberries are Ever Bearers.  The strawberries are typically harvested late spring to early summer and from late summer to early fall.  This variety is preferred for fresh eating, freezing and making jam and jelly.

What I am looking for is large & sweet strawberries that taste great fresh or frozen.

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