African Blue Basil

African Blue Basil in full bloom

If you love basil like I do but have had trouble growing Genovese Basil which is the traditional type, then give African Blue Basil a try.  I think it tastes just as good as Genovese Basil but is very hardy and virtually disease free.  While the African Blue plant is larger than most basil varieties,  the leaves are smaller.

African Blue Basil in Late Spring

African Blue Basil loves full sun.  While it is a perennial in some area, it is a fast growing annual in Pittsburgh.    It definitely falls into the category of a ornamental and edible herb.  The green leaves have purple/blue veins and the flowers are a light purple.  The bees and butterflies love the flowers too!

African Blue Basil is a hybrid of East African Basil and Dark Opal Basil and does not produce seeds.  You can root African Blue Basil from cuttings.

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