Vegetable Beds – Idea #2

Left Side of Vegetable Bed

I am planning my raised bed for the cabbage family.  Since the cabbage moths and worms are ruthless around here, I put the cabbage family together in a raised bed with netting overhead to keep the bad bugs out.

I plan to put 3 brussels sprout plants down the middle and cauliflower and broccoli on either side with two plants of each variety.  Right now I have popsicle sticks reserving the spots because I am not planting them yet.

Right Side of Vegetable Bed

Along the outer edges, I have garlic growing on three of the sides which I started last fall.  On the other side, I have onion bulbs which I planted a few weeks ago.   In between the Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli (which are just popsicle sticks for now!), I am growing some Chinese cabbage, derby cabbage, radicchio, endive and spinach.  The Chinese and derby cabbage will mature quickly to give room for the Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli which I will be transplanting a little later.  I like to harvest the leaves from the radicchio, endive and spinach plants as I want them so they will be stay small in height.

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