Kabob Sticks

Kabob Stick Teepee

While you might think that it is odd to classify kabob sticks or bamboo skewers as “garden tools”, I don’t think so!  I find them very helpful to give seedlings some support when transplanting.  In the spring time, the windy weather can really destroy your transplants.

I usually use three kabob sticks to circle the seedling like a teepee.  I give the transplant a little room to blow in the wind but not enough to destroy it.

As for size, I usually use the 4 inch ones for transplanting my cool season veggies.  They typically come in sizes between 4 and 12 inches long.  I can usually find the 12 inch ones at the grocery store but have to do some searching for the 4 or 6 inch ones.  There is always the option of looking for them online.  For instance, I found 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch ones on Amazon.

Not all tools are gardening tools, some are for the kitchen like herb scissors.