Territorial Seed Catalog

Territorial Seed Catalog

I purchase some seeds from Territorial Seed Company online because their seeds are not available locally in Pittsburgh, PA.  I did have a chance to visit their store in Oregon a few years back when visiting family and friends.

Here are the reasons why I like Territorial:

Their catalog and their website have a lot of helpful tips for the best soil temperature for seed germination, suggested seed spacing and depth, PH level requirements for growing plants, plant disease resistance /tolerance, etc.

Territorial offers vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds and garden supplies.  My favorite picks from Territorial includes Violetta Pac Choi (I think it is slower to bolt than the green varieties!) , Pacific Pearl Onion and Purplette Onion (so cute, petite and yummy!)

In addition, Territorial offer some vegetable & fruit plants including wasabi and a quite a few varieties of mushrooms.  Also, they offer some herb and flower plants.

They also offer asparagus crowns, horseradish root, garlic & shallot bulbs, seed potatoes, yacon plant and sweet potato slips.

For all the beer lovers out there, Territorial offers four types of hop rhizomes and a Hops Collection.

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