Growing Green Onions Indoors

Green Onions Grown Scrapes
Green Onions Grown Scrapes

I found a surprise in my garden this year.  A scallion came up from last year in the middle of my garlic patch.  At first, I thought the plant was garlic, but I was wrong – imagine that!  By mid July, I had harvested all of the garlic and this one plant was still going strong.  Of course, I got suspicious.  I finally just harvested it.  To my surprise, it was a scallion.

I decided to bring it in the house and see if you can actually grow green onions from scrapes.  Check it out on Pinterest – everyone is growing food from scrapes.  The only other thing that I grow from scrapes is celery.  Check out my post from last summer by clicking on the green link.

I submerged the white part of the scallion and roots under cool water.  Within a few day, a new green onion stem grew (see the two in the middle in the picture above).  I put the scallion in a Mojo beer glass from Boulder, CO in honor of my two fans – my dear friend, Kelly and my sister-in-law, Karen!  They both live in Colorado.  Thanks for your support ladies!

Back to the scallion, I would suggest that you trim the roots and change the water periodically so you continue to get green onions.  You can cut off part of a stem or the entire stem.  You can slice the green onion and add it to your salad or to your favorite dish just like you use chives.  Be creative!