Unusual Colors for Potatoes

Potato Purple

I am going a bit exotic in my gourmet potato selection this year.   I ordered four different kinds of potatoes from Landreth Seeds (see www.landrethseeds.com) this year.  The two with unusual colors are Purple Majesty and Mountain Rose Potatoes.    We will talk about the other potatoes tomorrow.

Purple Majesty:  The potatoes have purple skin & flesh and the plant has purple stems and leaves.  It is good for baking and frying.

Potato Red

Mountain Rose:  The potatoes have red skin & flesh and the plant has red stems and leaves.  It is good for making potato chips and French fries.  When cooked, it keeps its color.

I can’t wait for the odd looks when I serve these potatoes for dinner!

Tomorrow we will talk about how to plant them!