Sow and Grow Artichokes


In my area, artichokes are an annual.  I started the seeds in February.  The key to growing artichokes in my area is to take them outside for 10 days when the temperature is above freezing and below 50.  This year I took them outside for 10 days and then we got some frost so I brought them back in until the weather was warmer.  The whole process of getting the artichoke plants used to the cold so they think they were exposed to winter like a perennial is called vernalization.

Tavor Artichoke

My tips for growing artichokes include the following:  1)  Start the seeds indoors and transplant in the late spring, 2) Vernalize the plants (see above), 3)  Space the plants about 2 to 3 feet apart, 4) Use a stake like I did because that plant may need support, 5) Plant them  in a location that they will get afternoon shade, 6) Provide a steady amount of water and mulch to keep the roots cool, 7) Give the plants compost or balanced plant food once a month, and 8)  Be ready with neem oil because I had some bad bugs that tried invading my plant.

I grew the variety called Tavor this year.