Pacific Pearl Onions

Pacific Pearl Onions

I put the Pacific Pearl Onions in the ground sometime in the fall 2016 and let them stay in the ground under cover over the winter and had a nice surprise this spring.   The packet for the Pacific Pearl indicates that it is more day-neutral and can be planted almost any time of the year.

I planted the seeds at a 1/2″ depth and about 2 – 3 inches apart.  As you can see from the picture my spacing was a little off!  These onions mature in about 50 days.

Romaine and Pacific Pearl Onions Ready to be Grilled

Now if you are looking for a storage onion, then you should keep looking!  Pacific Pearl Onions look like a large marbles and taste good fresh, grilled or pickled.  They have a mild onion flavor.   I purchased my seeds from Territorial Seed Company and they are a keeper!

Check out this link if you missed my post on the grilled Caesar salad.  You can always add onions to it!

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