Harvesting, Curing and Storing Garlic


I harvested my garlic in July but I totally forgot to blog about it  – better late than never!   Garlic should be harvested when at least the lower green leaves turn brown but not more than half of the green leaves.

A lot of people put their garlic in their house or in their garage to cure, but it can really stink up the house.  I usually put them in a  warm, dry and  shady spot outside.  Also, I put the onions on a rack so they get good air circulation. It is time to bring the garlic sometime around two weeks.  When the garlic is cured, it will have a papery skin on the outside and the green neck will wither.   Once they are cured, I trim the neck about an inch above the garlic and trim the roots close to the bottom.

I am storing them on a moveable rack in the basement where it is cool and dark with my onions and shallots.  When I stack them, I put a piece of burlap in between.   When winter sets in and our heater turns on, I will have to move them to the garage.

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