Harvest, Cure and Store Garlic

Harvesting Garlic
Harvesting Garlics

Garlic should be harvested when at least the lower green leaves turn brown but not more than half of the green leaves.  I typically loosen the soil around the bulb with my Cobra tool and gently tug.





Curing Garlic
Curing Garlic

Some people put their garlic in their house or in their garage to cure, but it can really make your house stinky.  I usually put the garlic in a  warm, dry and  shady spot outside (see below).  I have a gazebo which has tinted corrugated polycarbonate sheets in the roof that filters the light just right.   Also, I put the garlic on cookie racks and stackable racks so they get good air circulation.

Roof with Tinted Polycarbonate Sheets
Roof with Tinted Polycarbonate Sheets

The garlic is usually done curing in about two weeks. When the garlic is cured, it will have papery skin on the outside and the green leaves will wither.  Once they are cured, I trim the neck about an inch above the garlic and the roots close to the bottom. Also, I gently brush off the excess dirt from the roots.

After harvesting and curing, do NOT get the garlic wet or they won’t store well.

I am storing them on a moveable racks in the basement where it is cool and dark.  When I stack them, I put a piece of burlap in between.  When winter sets in and our heater turns on, I will have to move them to the garage.  The type of garlic affects how long it will store.

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