Companions – Potatoes and Lettuce

Potatoes and Lettuce are great companions.
Potatoes and Lettuce are great companions.

Potatoes and leaf lettuce – this is the first year that I tried this combo!  They are great companions as illustrated by the photo.

Here’s my theory on growing them together in a raised bed. . . both can be planted in the early spring under cover. Also, lettuce has shallow roots so they don’t disturb the potatoes growing underneath.  By the time that you have to start hilling the dirt around the potatoes so you get even more potatoes, it is time to harvest the first round of lettuce that you planted.

Since I will have to dig the potatoes out of the bed, it is important not to plant anything like tomatoes or brussels sprouts that take a while to mature and don’t want to be disturbed.

Some other leafy greens that you can grow with potatoes include spinach, mustard, arugula, endive, tatsoi, corn salad, pac choi and swiss chard.  These greens like to be planted in the early spring and mature in 60 and under.  Instead of greens, you can also plant radishes because they mature fast and like to be sown in the Spring.  I love lots of options!

When I plant the next round of lettuce, I plan to put it in a different location so I can harvest my potatoes around July without ruining any thing else.  Also the above ground portion of the potato plant is starting to fill out.

Read how to plant and grow seed potatoes by clicking on the link.


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