Harvest and Store Rutabaga

Rutabaga ready to be harvested.

Rutabagas let you know when they are ready to be harvested since they grow partially above ground.   It is best to harvest them when they are between 4 and 6 inches across and when the temperatures cool off in the fall.

There are quite a few suggested ways to store them   1)  Don’t harvest them right away.  Instead put a foot of mulch (leaves or straw) around the roots.    This way you can harvest as you need them.  It is best to dig them up before a hard frost.  2)  Store the harvested rutabaga in a cool basement, garage or root cellar.  3) Dice them into 1 inch cubes and individually freeze them.  Put them in an airtight container in the freezer.  4)  Make spiral noodles and individually freeze them.   Put them in an airtight container in the freezer.

Rutabaga Noodles

If you are storing rutabaga in the freezer for a long time, you may want to blanch the cubes for 3 minutes.

Don’t forget you can roast rutabaga, sautee it, boil and mash it!  Lots of options.

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