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In this blog, we are going to discuss a lot of gardening related topics such as:  how to protect your garden from wildlife (including deer and groundhogs), how to grow vertically to save space, how to start plants from seed to save money and to have more variety, how to grow in containers and raised beds, how to preserve and store the edibles and lots more.

You can search my posts for what you are looking for by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right hand side of the blog or going to the area that indicates “SEARCH” in the upper write hand corner and typing in what you are looking for such as “tomatoes”. This will pull up all the applicable posts. Here are some searches to try My Favorites, Book Review, Veggie Families, and Red Alert.

Also if you are looking at a post and see some writing in green, click on it and you will see another related post.

I include each post in at least one of the following main “CATEGORIES” for reference purposes. You can find the categories listed on the right side of my blog.

  • Blooms – I use a broad interpretation of blooms. In addition to flowers (edible or not), I also include trees with flowers or interesting textures, plants with flowers or interesting leaves and vegetables and fruit that have interesting flowers.
  • Fruit – This category includes fruit of course. Sometimes there is some overlap with vegetables. For instance, tomatoes are technically fruit but they are always located with vegetables. In order to save an argument for another day, I stick the posts for tomatoes in the categories of “Fruit” and “Vegetables”.
  • General Gardening – I toss everything else in this category.
  • Herbs – If you don’t grow anything else, you have to try herbs. Many of them are perennials and low maintenance. I have perennial flowers and herbs in my herb garden. I have started planting herbs in my front garden as well because they are so hardy. It’s called edible landscaping.
  • Recipes – I am a menace in the kitchen. Thank goodness my husband loves to cook. I tried to get him to take over this category of the blog but so far he thinks I’m joking! At this point, I just post simple recipes that can be cooked or canned.
  • Vegetables – The category with the most posts is “Vegetables”. In this category, you will find ideas about growing veggies from seed for more variety and to save money. Also, I will discuss growing, harvesting and storing veggies. I like to experiment and try different veggies and varieties each year. While I am not a vegetarian, I am a big veggie fan!

On the right side of the blog, you can also see links to my “RECENT POSTS” and find my posts archived by month (See “ARCHIVES”).

As for “Leave a Comment” that appears at the top of each post, I monitor those before posting on the blog in case anyone says anything inappropriate or to prevent anyone from spamming the blog. Initially, I had a lot of problems controlling the spam but it is under control now!

At this point if you would like to be notified when I post an article, then you have three options:

  • Subscribe to Blog Via Email – If you enter your email address, you will get an email each time I post. Your email address will not appear on the blog.   “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL” appears on the left black side of the blog.
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  • Facebook – My Facebook page is titled “Crazy for Gardening” for obvious reasons.

If you have trouble finding my pins and boards on Pinterest or my Crazy for Gardening page on Facebook, let me know by sending me at email at sandyatcrazyforgardening@gmail.com.

If you previously had problems with any links, hopefully these have been corrected. If you have any in the future, please let me know. Don’t assume that I know!

Hopefully you will be inspired to get out in your garden this year!

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