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I came across a seed company called Azure Dandelion this winter by doing an online search.  I was looking for some good choices for pole beans and trying to find a pinto pole bean.  As for the pinto pole bean, the Aztec Cave/New Mexico/Anasazi bean came up as the number one substitute for a pinto bean because it is in the same family.

Azure Dandelion sells a lot of other pole varieties that you just don’t see with other seed companies.  Don’t forget pole beans are an important part of growing vertical.

You need to check out the Ayocote bean which comes in white, purple and black.  Ayocote beans are native to North and Central America.  The vines can grow up to 10 feet tall.  These beans are best eaten as a shell or dry bean.  You can also eat the roots like you would a Jerusalem Artichoke – how cool is that!

Now if you want some nice choices for bean plant flowers, you need to check out the following.  Scarlet Runner has bright red flowers.  It will attract the butterflies!   The flower of the Aztec Cave bean plant starts out white and turns buttery yellow.    Sunset Runner has light peach flowers.

Another variety that Azure Dandelion carries is a favorite of mine.  It is called Cherokee Trail of Tears which is a great black bean option.  Rio Zape is a red/purple bean with black striped markings when dried.

According to Azure Dandelion’s website, they sell only heirloom and open pollinated seeds.   While there are more pole choices on their website, don’t let me mislead you because Azure Dandelion sells other vegetable and fruit seeds.  For seed packet shipping, they charge $2.50.

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