Seed Ideas for Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts

Sometimes you come across really good ideas that you need to share.  For instance, if you really like to grow Brussels Sprouts and would like to extend your harvesting season, I would check out Territorial Seed Company.

Brussels Sprouts are plants that you typically plant once as they need over 80 days to mature depending on the variety. Unlike lettuce which you keep planting as one batch matures, you typically plant your Brussels Sprouts at the same time. For instance, I start my Brussels Sprouts seedlings indoors with my sweet and hot pepper seedlings in February.   A good rule of thumb is to plant them indoors 3 to 4 months before the last Spring Frost and then transplant them outdoors under cover between 2 to 3 months before the last Spring Frost.

In order to extend the months that you can harvest fresh Brussels Sprouts, I think Territorial Seed Company is where it is at. They give you maturity dates ranging from 80 to 200 days.

Maturity              Variety

80 Days                 Franklin

85 Days                 Rubine

100 Days              Hestia & Roodnerf

120 Days              Nautic

200 Days              Igor

Cold Tunnel 1
Brussels Sprouts with frost bite!

Brussels Sprouts taste better if they have been hit by some frost as in the picture.   Based on the maturity dates, you can tell which ones are more frost tolerant.

Rubine is very interesting as it is a purple plant with purple sprouts.   Igor and Nautic are organic varieties.    The prices for the smallest seed packets range from $2.75 to $4.95.

If you are concerned with the sprout size, then take a look at the same varieties sorted by this criteria:

Sprout Size         Variety

1 inch                    Nautic & Hestia

1 ½ inches           Rubine

Not Listed           Igor, Franklin, Roodnerf

Plant size options include the following:

Plant Size             Variety

24 inches             Rubine

 “Med. / Tall”      Roodnerf

 30 inches             Igor & Hestia

“Quite Tall”         Franklin

Not Listed           Nautic

Brussels Sprouts that I am growing in 2015
Brussels Sprouts that I am growing

This summer I was in Oregon and visited Territorial Seed Company and purchased Red Ball Brussels Sprouts which have 1 inch red sprouts that mature in 95 days. Guess what? They sold out of the seeds for Red Ball.   I hate to brag but I got them!   Most of the other seed companies (but not all) offer just one or two varieties. For example, I am growing Long Island Improved which is offered by a lot of seed companies.  I purchased these seeds last year from Livingston Seed Company at a local nursery for $1.39.