Starting Seeds Indoors

In February, I like to slowly get started with some of the vegetable seeds.  My first step is to see what seeds I can buy at local stores, then I purchase the remaining ones online. My next step  is to put together my inexpensive & portable greenhouse which I set up in my basement.  I bought this greenhouse locally at Lowes several years ago.   The greenhouse also has a plastic cover that you can use to protect the young plants when they are moved outside in the Spring.


Then I install the cheap under cabinet light fixtures that I found on clearance at K-Mart a few years ago.  My husband attaches tie wraps to the light fixtures and to the greenhouse shelves so the lights can be raised as the plants grow.   I usually use grow lights which last a long time.   I also use the Jiffy Professional Greenhouse Kit which holds 72 peat pellets.

G - Installed Grow Light

While you have to invest some money up front, you just need to buy the peat pellets as needed.

G - Pellets

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