Sow and Grow Shallots


The Fall is an excellent time to sow shallots. I just planted my immature shallot bulbs last week. You should plant them when the weather is cooler. While I can find garlic locally to plant, I usually only find the shallot bulbs in the Spring. This year I ordered some. See my post about purchasing shallots online.  Since shallots like to get a head start in the Fall like garlic, I plant the immature shallot bulbs between mid October through early November. I am looking for the temperature to be around 50 degrees during the day which is later October around here.   It will develop a good strong root system before winter and start growing above ground in Spring.

Here are my planting steps:

1) Keep your shallot bulbs in a cool spot until you are ready to plant.

2) Loosen the soil – I use my Cobra Head garden tool for this task.

Planting Shallot Bulbs
Planting Shallot Bulbs

3)  Plant the pointy side up and the root side down. I plant shallots like I do garlic which is 3″ deep and 5 to 6 inches apart. You need to give shallots some room to grow because for every one bulb that you plant you will get a group or cluster of bulbs that grow together but are easy to separate. Shallots grow like walking onions.

4) Cover the top of each shallot bulb with soil.

5) This year I sprinkled some balanced organic plant food that will slowly breakdown over the winter.

6) I topped it off with 2 inches of straw.

Shallot Green Stems
Shallot Green Stems

7)  Don’t forget to label the row.  I use popsicle sticks.

8) Once it gets very cold, I will cover the shallot/garlic/onion bed with a tunnel of  heavy garden fabric.

You will find the shallots peaking out in early Spring.


If you never tried to grow shallots, give them a try.  They have a mild flavor.


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