Brussels Sprouts Are Misunderstood

brussels sprouts

First of all, the name is misunderstood – I always thought that it was Brussel not Brussels but what do I know about this misunderstood vegetable!  Second, I have a heck of a time growing brussels sprouts from seed.  Since I have a lot of peer pressure with going viral with my blog, I think this will be the year for success!  Third, these plants are very strange looking  – the stem gets up to 2 feet tall and is loaded with long leaves and little sprouts that look like mini cabbages.   I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

For now, lets concentrate on getting those seeds ready.  We will deal with how to take care of them in the garden in a later blog.    I am growing Long Island Improved from Livingston Seed.  This type takes between 90 and 100 days to mature and produces green brussels sprouts.   I started my seeds on Feb. 28th in pellets and transplanted them to peat pots already.   I hope to get them in the ground under cover in later March.    Lets see what happens!


There is a brussels sprouts variety called Falstaff that is all purple – the stem, the leaves and the little cabbages!   I have never grown it, but I know that The Cook’s Garden sells it.  If I can find it at a local nursery tomorrow, I will give it a try this year.   Purple brussels sprouts would be a great addition to the veggie garden.

Update from 3/27/14:  Couldn’t find the seeds for purple Falstaff brussels sprouts at our local stores and nurseries.   I will try again next year!