Some Like it Hot

jalapeno  Cayenne

Some like it hot as in hot peppers!  I grow Anaheim Green Chili , Jalapeno, Poblano (Ancho) and Cayenne Peppers.   My husband and I met in Arizona and love Mexican  food.  While I do the growing, he definitely helps with the food preparation.   As for the heat level of these pepper, the following is their “Scoville Units”.  Wilbur Scoville (a pharmacologist) came up with the numbers and I interpreted them for you!

  • Habenero    100,000 – 300,000 (extremely hot)
  • Cayenne         30,000  –   50,000 (very hot)
  • Jalapeno           2,500   –      5,000 (hot)
  • Poblano            1,000   –      1,500 (medium)
  • Anaheim              500    –      1,000  (medium)
  • Bell Pepper              0    –                0  (not hot)

This year I am using the seeds that I purchased in 2013 from Burpee and from High Mowing Organic Seeds since pepper seeds usually last two years.   I planted 6 seeds of each kind of pepper on February 4th – one seed per peat pellet (see yesterday’s post) .    These peppers usually germinate between 10 and 21 days.  So far, I only have two jalapeno plants starting to emerge.   I usually keep the grow light on them for 12 to 16 hours a day.   Depending on how much room I have in the garden, I may only plant 3 or 4 of each type.   I usually plant the peppers  in late May.  The jalapeno and cayenne peppers grow well in containers as well.