Zucchini or Squash – Summer or Winter


When you go to the grocery store, you typically find that zucchini is green and squash is yellow but there are exceptions of course!   You will see that there are many varieties if grown from seed.  Technically, zucchini is a type of squash.  While there are many winter varieties, I typically grow just summer ones.   I may try some winter varieties next year.

Some of the differences between summer and winter types include:  Summer:   It grows in a bush format,  is harvested when the the skin is tender and edible and  has a short storage life.   Winter:  It grows on a vine, is harvested when the rind has hardened and has a long storage life.

I am growing Cocozelle Zucchini  and Cube of Butter and Patty Pan Squash from Botanical Interests this year.  I just planted the seeds under cover to get an early start .  When the plants start to bloom, you need to take any covers off so the flowers pollinate.

Cocozelle Zucchini is an Italian heirloom.  It matures in 50 days.  The skin is dark green with light green stripes.  You can pick this one when it is small at 3″ with the flower still attached.  The ideal length is 6 to 8″.   If you let it get between 10 and 12″ long then you should use it to make zucchini bread.

Cube of Butter Squash is yellow as its name indicates.  It matures in 5 days.  This one tastes good small or large.

The Scallop Patty Pan Blend includes white (Early White Bush), yellow (Golden Scallop) and green (Bennings Green Tint) squash that look like flying saucers.  It’s an heirloom that has a buttery, nutty flavor.  It matures in 55 days.   The ideal diameter is 2″ for harvesting.

Don’t worry I will provide an update later on!