Patty Pan Squash

Yellow Patty Pan Squash

This is the first year that I got the Yellow Bush Patty Pan Squash to grow.   They are soooo cute!  They really look like miniature flying saucers.

Even though the yellow skin looks thick and tough, it is actually tender.  The flesh is cream color.

Patty Pan plants grows in a bush form that will get 2 feet tall and up to 4 feet wide.  The squash should be harvested when it is less than 4 inches wide.  The plant will mature in about 60 days.  It is suggested that you plant one or two seedlings per mound.

It is a summer squash that loves the warm weather.   I started my seedlings inside about one month before the first frost and then transplanted them when the weather was warm at night.  I kept them under cover until the flowers started to bloom.

I purchased these seeds as part of a blend packet from Botanical Interests.  The seed packet is called Scallop Blend Summer (Patty Pan) Squash Seeds.

While I used the Patty Pan Squash on my salads this year, I am going to try grilling them next year.