Grow Bags for Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Grow Bag 2When harvesting potatoes and sweet potatoes from the ground or from a raised bed, you have to dig them out.  With this method, you risk bruising the skin which isn’t good for storing.   If you grow them in a grow bag, you can just dump the dirt and harvest the potatoes.

Grow Bag 3


While you can buy some grow bags already made up from Gardeners or another website, I started making my own a few years ago.  First of all, I used premium landscaping fabric that was good for more than one year. I cut two 19″ circles and two rectangles that were 25″ tall x 59″ wide for each grow bag so it would be double thick.  I sewed the sides that were 25″ together and then sewed the tube to the circles.

At this point, I have a total of 12 grow bags.  I use six for potatoes and six for sweet potatoes.  They can be also be used for different purposes in order to rotate your crops.


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