Seed Ideas for Mache

Mache Seeds
Mache Seeds

If you recall, I told you a few days ago that I would talk about another best kept seed secret which is mache.  Mache is also known as corn salad.  I purchased my mache  seeds from Botanical Interests.  Mache loves cool weather and can be sown in the early Spring or late Summer.  This variety is called Big Seeded and matures in 60 days.  It is slow to germinate and make take between 10 and 20 days.  While it will tolerant hot conditions,  I think I will grow it under a shade cloth in the summer.

If you want some variety, Johnny’s Selected Seeds offers two varieties – VIT and Medallion.  VIT likes the cool weather and Medallion does well in the warm weather. Usually the small seeded ones like cooler weather and large seeded ones tolerate the heat without bolting.

Just like with the tatsoi seeds, you have to type in “mache” in the search engine of most seed companies to find any mache seeds.  If you click on the green link above you can find out more about the other seed secret.  Shhh – don’t tell anyone!  I don’t recall ever seeing the leaves of these two plant available in the produce section which is why we should try them.   I think you should grow items that are hard to find, are unusual, or are too expensive at the grocery store.

Mache can be eaten in a salad or cooked like spinach.   I plan to try it in my salad first.

If you are putting the seeds under cover in the garden, then sow it about 8 weeks to 12 weeks before the last Spring frost.  If not, then sow it directly in the ground about 6 weeks before the last Spring frost.

Hope you enjoy!