Grow Gourmet Radishes


Radishes are root vegetables.  Even if you hate radishes from the grocery store because they are too pungent, you have to try some “gourmet” radishes.   For the past 3 years, I’ve only been growing the French Breakfast radish from Botanical Interests and Burpee.  It grows in an elongated shape and can get up to 3″ long.  It has a delicate flavor.  You’ll love them! This radish prefers the Spring and Fall weather but tolerates some summer heat. The seeds should be spaced about a 1/2″ apart.

This year I am also trying the Purple Plum Radish.  It is shaped like a plum.  The rumor is that this radish is sweet and crunchy.  I will let you know!  This radish prefers Spring & Fall.  I found these Livingston Seeds at a local nursery. These seeds should be placed 2 ” apart so they have enough room to plump up.

Both of the above radishes should be ready to harvest in 25 days.

Next year I am going to try growing Watermelon Radishes.  I just had a thin slice of one tonight on my salad at McCormick & Schmicks & I liked it.