Botanical Interests Seed Catalog

Botanical Interests Seed Catalog

Botanical Interests is my “go to” vegetable seed catalog. I love the seed blends/mixes that they offer because I can by less seed packets and increase my options with more varieties!

Oops – I forgot to take a picture of the catalog before I started pouring through it on my plane ride to New Orleans!



My favorite seeds are the color coded seed mixes:

  • Red and Yellow Cayenne Pepper Blend
  • Red and Yellow Sweet Cherry Pepper Blend
  • Artisan Bumble Bee Tomato Blend
  • Artisan Tiger Stripes Tomato Blends
  • Rainbow Cherry Tomato Blend –
  • Red and Yellow Pear Tomato Blend
  • Red and Yellow Jelly Bean Grape Tomato Blend
Artisan Tomato Blends

I still grow the Cayenne Pepper Blend and the Rainbow Cherry Tomato Blend.  I am thinking about adding on the Artisan Bumble Bee Tomato Blend!

There are other seed blends that are not color coded:

  • Gourmet Beet Blend
  • Calliope and Carnival Carrot Blends
  • Chef’s Choice Cauliflower Blend
  • Purple and White Kohlrabi
  • Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa Blend
  • Easter Egg Radish Blend
  • Scallop/ Patty Pan Zuccini Blend
  • Bight Lights, Celebration and Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard Blends
  • Premier Kale Blend

Just when you thought there was no more choices  . . . Botanical also offers the following mixes for greens:


  • Oak Leaf Blend (red and green)
  • Salad Bowl Blend
  • Asian Salad Green
  • Chef’s Gourmet Spicy Mix
  • Chef’s Medley
  • Farmer’s Market Blend
  • Gourmet Baby Greens
  • Sassy Salad and
  • Valentine Mix – my personal favorite!

Sprouting Seeds:

  • Salad Mix
  • Sandwich Mix
  • Bean Mix

Baby Greens:

  • Swiss Chard Blend
  • Market Day Mesclun Lettuce Blend
  • Must Have Mustards
  • Smoothie Mix
  • Snappy Fresh Mesclun
  • Super Foods Blend


  • Be Mellow
  • Ciao Bella Basil
  • Italian Amaro
  • Mild Mix
  • Savory Mix
  • Spicy Mix
  • Umami Asian Blend

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