More on Potatoes

Potato Fingerling

As a follow up to the blog titled “Unusual Colors for Potatoes”,  I am also growing Ozette  and Maris Piper potatoes which I purchased from

Ozette potatoes (see picture above) are fingerlings which grow small and narrow.  Ozettes have yellow skin and flesh.  Legend has it that this potato is an ancient Peruvian variety that came to the Makah Indians of Neah Bay, Washington in the 1700s by the Spanish.   This is one old potato!!  These potatoes are good steamed, fried or roasted.

Potato White

The Maris Piper potatoes  are an Irish-English heirloom.   Maris Piper has yellow skin and cream flesh.   It is a great choice for mash potatoes and french fries.

Even though I purchased some gourmet seed potatoes from Landreth Seeds,  I still bought the easy to find white and red skinned  potatoes at a local nursery.

The next blog we are going to discuss how to grow potatoes in a grow bag.  Keep in mind that when the seed potatoes are available for purchase, you can typically plant them.